CAMEO Awards


We are delighted to announce that the applications for the CAMEO Awards are now open.

The CAMEOs are a collaboration between London Book & Screen Week and the Publishers Association to recognise the integral role books play within the creative industries as an inspiration for plays, film, TV and games. You can see all our previous winners here.

This year’s Awards will take place on Monday 9th April 2018 to coincide with the launch of London Book and Screen Week.

Criteria: Judges will be looking for demonstration of quality and success, including, but not limited to: box office ticket sales; reviews; press coverage; critical acclaim; social media profile; peer-to-peer recommendation, and industry prize nominations.

Who can enter: any individual or organisation in the UK, who has transformed a book IP into a successful film format.


  • Book to Film
  • Book to TV
  • Book to Game
  • Book to Stage
  • Book to Audio

Please complete the form below either to:

A) nominate a third party organisation, OR
B) enter your own organisation.

Remember that you are aiming to convince the judging panel, and make a clear case for your nomination/submission.

Deadline for submissions is 5th February 2018

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